cancellation policy

January 08, 2024

cancellation policy

cancellation policy at Smart Hotels


Below are the cancellation options for orders made directly through the company, orders can be canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy of the relevant price list according to the site regulations and subject to the Consumer Protection Law.


You can only cancel orders made directly through the company, for orders made through an agent, please contact the relevant agent to cancel the order.

To cancel through the reservation center – 3644*

To cancel via e-mail, reservations department –

To cancel an order on the website – if you made the order on the website.

We will be happy to be at your disposal for any inquiry or request


Conditions for canceling reservations

Canceling an order through the website

The buyer will cancel an order on the website of the Smart Hotels chain by logging into the order confirmation email, clicking on the button – change/cancel this order. Log in with the hosting request number and the email address entered in the registration process, when we entered through the email it will appear by itself, otherwise you have to type it. From here you can cancel and/or change the accommodation request: guest details, change credit card, dates, room type, add or remove a room in the reservation.

To cancel through the telephone reservation center – you must have the order number and/or the orderer’s name.

To cancel via e-mail, reservations department –

When applying by email, the following details must be attached:

  1. 1. Full name
  2. 2. ID number
  3. 3. Name of the hotel
  4. 4. Order number
  5. 5. The phone number


It will be clarified that the credit card details entered on the website of the Smart Hotels chain and/or provided to its representatives by telephone are used to secure the reservation only and the card will be charged only upon actual arrival at the hotel, except for a reservation that cannot be canceled or refunded, for which the credit card will be charged for the full amount of the reservation immediately after that the order will be made.


The decisive date for making a reservation and/or any cancellation and/or change to it is the date on which the reservation and/or notification of change and/or cancellation is actually received by the Smart Hotels chain, whether made by e-mail, regular mail, registered mail or facsimile. As long as it is a time that is not a business day, the order and/or the cancellation and/or the change will be considered as if they were received on the morning of the first business day after that. The date of making each order will be considered the date on which a confirmation is sent to the orderer by e-mail from the Smart Hotels chain regarding the receipt of the order.


The date of making a change or canceling an order will be subject to the provisions of any law, including the Consumer Protection Law, 1981-1981 and the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations, 1981-2010, as they will be at any time. Regarding a transaction made remotely – it will be possible to cancel within 14 days of making the reservation, provided that the cancellation is made at least 2 business days (non-rest days) before the scheduled arrival date at the hotel (Section 2 (3) of the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 1971 – 2010. After this date it will not be possible to cancel or change the order, and the customer will be charged full payment according to the original order for any change/cancellation/shortening/non-arrival/lateness.

The Smart Hotels chain will be entitled to set different and longer deadlines for canceling/changing/shortening reservations – provided that this information is published in advance before the reservation is made, and subject to all laws.