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Our hotels in Jerusalem Mitzpe Ramon and Tiberia.

Smart Hotels is a young and growing boutique hotel chain. It operates six leading properties, three of which are located in the center of Jerusalem, two are located Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev, just a step away from the beautiful Ramon Crater and Lago hotel Located at the central of Tiberias Israel, only 800 meters from the Sea of Galilee.

The Jerusalem Inn Hotel in Jerusalem, the chain’s first establishment, was reopened in 2005 and laid the foundation for the success story of the Smart Hotels chain.

Montefiore Hotel located in the heart of the city of Jerusalem, joined the chain in 2009.The hotel is located in the heart of the city on the fashionable Shatz pedestrian street near King George Street, Ben Yehuda pedestrian street and within walking distance of all the main nightlife sites, the old city and the light rail station.

Eyal Hotel in Jerusalem launched in 2014, a trendy, modern boutique hotel. The hotel was built with advanced technologies and is a green and environmentally friendly hotel. The hotel is close to the Ben Yehuda pedestrian and the light rail station. Sderot Mamilla and the Old City are also a short walk away..

Ramon Suites Hotel - in the heart of the Negev, a few steps away from the Ramon crater, a new suite hotel has opened - Ramon Suites Hotel has 49 spacious accommodation units. A peaceful desert experience for the whole family.

The Even Derech Hotel first opened its doors in 2020. Fascinating desert beauty, on the main road to Eilat and above a new boutique building that includes restaurants, cafes and parking in the heart of Mitzpe Ramon. The hotel is modern and smart and allows guests to self-check in at all hours of the day and night.

Smart Hotels provides high-quality accommodation solutions to fit your budget – perfect locations at the most affordable prices.


Our Locations

The Smart Hotels chain operates in the most sought-after locations for accommodation, both in Jerusalem, Mitzpe Ramon and Tiberias.

In Jerusalem, our hotels are situated in key areas at the heart of the city that allows enjoying a variety of attractions with great ease and comfort.

At the Ramon Suites Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon, you are just a short walk from the Ramon crater and its enchanting beauty.

But it isn’t only about the location– during your visit each and every one of our hotels will provide you with the highest quality service, care and attention.



Jerusalem, 21 Shamai St.

Tel. 02-623-1000

Jerusalem Inn

Jerusalem, John Hyrcanus 7 St.

Tel. 02-625-2757‬


Jerusalem, Shatz 7 St.

Tel. ‪02-6221111‬

Mitzpe Ramon

Ramon Suites

Mitzpe Ramon, Nahal Mishar 8 St.

Tel. ‪08-658-8884‬

Even Derech

Mitzpe Ramon, Ben Gurion 2 St. tel. 08-621-3333



Lago Hotel

Tiberias, Yokhana Ben Zakai 41

Tel. tel. 04-656-0050