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Thursdays in Jerusalem! 15% discount at Eyal Hotel


Thursdays in Jerusalem! 15% discount at Eyal Hotel

Arriving in Jerusalem on the weekend when everything is open and lively Enjoy the atmosphere and  everything this special city has to offer 15% discount on all types of rooms and combinations includ...

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Welcome to the Eyal hotel Jerusalem

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The Eyal boutique Hotel is perfectly located in the Jerusalem city center, just off Ben Yehuda St. The property has recently been re-build, which allowed introducing of advanced eco-friendly technologies. Among its facilities the hotel provides underground guest parking (upon availability), halls for dining and events, a comfortable sitting area, free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel and large deck with luxurious sitting arrangements and a magnificent panoramic urban view over the Jerusalem city center. Part of the Smart Hotel design is to provide quality services in the smartest possible way. For this reason, the hotel has invested in eco-friendly designs that limit the hotel’s amount of waste and energy use. The hotel\'s furniture was made from natural and recycled materials. Our eco-friendly focus is another step that the Smart Hotels chain is taking to pay more respect to the environment, while also making your stay very comfortable.

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Free wifi Restaurant laundry Bar

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Jerusalem, 21 Shamai St.


In the heart of the historic center of Jerusalem

In the pulsating heart of Jerusalem, just a whisper away from the iconic Ben Yehuda St., stands the newly rejuvenated Eyal boutique Hotel. This haven, recently reimagined, champions cutting-edge eco-friendly innovations. With its prime location in Jerusalem's city center, our guests can enjoy the convenience of underground parking (subject to availability), exquisite dining halls, cozy lounging areas, and uninterrupted free Wi-Fi throughout the premises. Elevate your experience on our expansive deck, boasting plush seating and a mesmerizing panoramic view of Jerusalem's urban tapestry. True to the Smart Hotel ethos, Eyal Boutique emphasizes smart, quality service — our commitment to the environment shines through eco-driven designs, minimized waste, and energy conservation. Furnished with pieces crafted from natural and upcycled materials, our hotel is a testament to the Smart Hotels chain's dedication to eco-conscious luxury, ensuring your stay is both opulent and eco-responsible.